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Clinic Materials:

Please click PDF icons to download.

A Brief list of ’Classic’ Jazz Saxophone Records [PDF]

A Brief List of Classical Saxophone Works [PDF]

A Few Ideas About Soloing [PDF]

Activities for a Jazz Practice Routine - Outline [PDF]

Common ii-V Progression [PDF]

Critical Thinking Skills [PDF]

Decifering Chord Symbols [PDF]

Diatonic and Cyclic Music Theory [PDF]

Handout for K-12 Music Students [PDF]

Hemiola Applications to Rhythmic Divisions and Subdivsions [PDF]

Hemiola Examples for Rhythmic Flexibility [PDF]

Horn Sectional Objectives [PDF]

Jazz Ensemble Techniques for Middle School Band Directors [PDF]

Jazz Exercises for Middle School Band [PDF]

List of Activities for a Jazz Practice Routine [PDF]

Major Scale Fragments on Cycle [PDF]

Major Triads Saxophone [PDF]

Method Books, Etudes Books, and Solo Materials for all Woodwind Instruments [PDF]

Practical Assessments for Young Musicians [PDF]

Practicing and Powers of the Will [PDF]

Practicing and Self-Mastery - Outlines [PDF]

Recommendations for Young Saxophonists [PDF]

Rhythm Sectional Objectives [PDF]

Rhythmic Displacement Exercises for Jazz Band [PDF]

Saxophone Equipment Sheet [PDF]

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