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Compositions & Arrangements:

Jazz Compositions

A Flock of Beagles [PDF] *free

Blues for Hooper [PDF] *free

Check, Please [PDF] *free

Cockatoo Blues [PDF] *free

Homage to Evans [PDF] *free

Hymn for the Children (Buddy and Sweet Pea)  [PDF] *free

Immolatin' Rhythm [PDF] *free

Metromorphosis [PDF] *free

Marlene [PDF] *free

None of the Above [PDF] *free

One From the Crypt [PDF] *free

Patricia [PDF] *free

Samba de Los Me [PDF] *free

Christmas [PDF] *free

Christmas [PDF] *free

Stumblin' [PDF] *free

Thing, Thang, Thung - Electric Guitar [PDF] *free

Thing, Thang, Thung - Piano [PDF] *free

Todfirmation [PDF] *free

Two in the Bush [PDF] *free

Two In the Bush Solo [PDF] *free

Vera [PDF] *free

Waltz [PDF] *free

Modal Jazz Rock Compositions

A Bucket Full of Larrys [PDF] *free

Curse of the Dot People [PDF] *free

Diz [PDF] *free

Duck and Cover [PDF] *free

Munchkins in the Marina [PDF] *free

None of the Above [PDF] *free

Randall's Defeat [PDF] *free

Something Smooth [PDF] *free

Thing, Thang, Thung [PDF] *free

Thing, Thang, Thung - Trumpet in Bb [PDF] *free

You Won't [PDF] *free

Your New Best Friend [PDF] *free

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