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A Set Analysis of William Latham's Sisyphus 1971: An Analysis Using Common Tone Set Networks [PDF]

A Biography of Roger Greenberg [PDF]

This is a conventional as well as a set theory analysis of Latham’s work for alto saxophone and piano. Very detailed.

This is a biography of the saxophonist and Professor at the University of Northern Colorado, written in 2003. before he retired and began work at Eastman Musical Instrument Company.

Academic Writings:

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Premier Quatour, op. 53 Jean-Baptiste Singelèe (1812-1875): An Analytical Overview and Schenkerian Reduction of the first S.A.T.B. Saxophone Quartet [PDF]

This is a detailed analysis from surface, middle, and deep middle ground Schenkerian graphs, as well as more conventional formal discussion of the four movement work. The paper also includes historical back ground.

FRANK TRUMBAUER’S SAXOPHONE STUDIES and MODERN SOLOS for SAXOPHONE: Compositions by the Hot Jazz Virtuoso and Their Place within the American Saxophone Tradition [PDF]

This is an in-depth discussion of Trumbauer, an analysis and publication of his works for saxophone and piano, as well as a discussion of his book on jazz improvisation, entitles Saxophone Studies.

Music History Papers [PDF]

The Music History papers were done in preparation for my Doctoral Comprehensive exams, and will be useful for those preparing for Graduate examinations in music history.

Saxophone Pedagogy Notebook [PDF]

The Saxophone Pedagogy Notebook, is a complete method for saxophone instruction, includes photos and examples.

Survey of Saxophone Repertoire Pre-1950 and 1950-Present:

The Survey of Saxophone Repertoire was done for a Saxophone Pedagogy course, largely they are grouped into two categories, pre and post 1950 (and only current to 2005).

Survey of Saxophone Repertoire Pre - 1950  [PDF]

Survey of Saxophone Repertoire 1950 - Present [PDF]

A Rationale for Jazz Education [PDF]

Criteria for Musical Performance Evaluation [PDF]

Saxophone Scale Syllabus at Ottawa University [PDF]

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